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Learning Commons: Equipment

Information about services and resources

Equipment for Campus Use Only

These items are available on a first come, first served basis, and circulate for two hours.

Audiovisual equipment  - To ensure availability of a laptop or audiovisual equipment to use for a classroom presentation, please make arrangements with the circulation supervisor on weekdays. 

Clinical equipment -  The library carries some small equipment that is not required in an intern's "doc bag" such as child-size and large-size blood pressure cuffs; and nervoscopes, some simple physical therapy equipment, and X-ray marking utensils.  Caution:  You are responsible for the equipment even if you bring several units to class as a favor to others.   

Electronic equipment - The library maintains playback equipment for the audiovisual formats available in its collections, USB memory sticks, and adaptor cables for use with classroom systems.  You are advised to always bring charging cables for your devices, because the library carries only a few donated charging cables.   

Equipment for Off Campus Use

Audiovisual equipment - Selected items include external DVD drives and video projectors purchased by Student Council.

Clinical equipment -  With the exception of equipment owned by Clubs or Student Council,  all equipment in the library is intended for use in the college curriculum and at college-sponsored events held on campus.  Life West does not provide equipment for seminars sponsored by outside agencies.  

Electronic equipment -  The library circulates some playback equipment for older technologies: external DVD drive, audioCD player, 35mm slide projector, portable overhead projector.

College-sponsored events -  Authorization for using equipment off campus for a college-sponsored event is usually initiated by a department chair or other administrator in charge of planning the event.  The library reserves the right to require a signed responsibility form and/or to invoice the borrower for loss or damage to equipment used off campus.