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Learning Commons: Overdue Fines, Fees and Blocks

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Overdue Notices by Email

I did not receive an overdue notice - why not?

 Check your email for messages from The library uses students’ to send overdue notices electronically.  There is no way for the library to send overdue notices for Overnight materials.  If you receive a courtesy phone call, you will have already incurred an overdue fine.

Why does the library charge fines, and how high are they?

The sole purpose of fines is to encourage prompt return so that other borrowers can use the materials. The fine schedule is posted at the circulation desk.  The heaviest fines are levied for late return of Reserve materials, which circulate Overnight or over the weekend.  They are due at 10:00 am so that library staff have them ready for the next users by 10:30 am.  Unfortunately, fines seem to be the only effective way of encouraging fairness to other students who need reserve materials.

Why has the library placed a block on my registration for next quarter?

Overdue materials surpassing a grace period should be returned, and outstanding fees and fines exceeding a cap should settled promptly in order to avoid a registration block for the upcoming term. 


I lost a book and overdue fines are mounting up.  What can I do?

Declare the item is lost.  Talk to circulation staff if you one week to continue searching for it.
Lost items may be paid for as follows:

  • In-print material: Replacement cost + $20 processing fee
  • Out-of-print material: Minimum of $50.00 + $20.00 replacement fee.
  • Interlibrary loans: Librarian will contact the lending library for replacement costs.
  • Journal issues: Replacement cost or pro-rated current subscription cost + $5 processing fee.
  • Other materials: Original cost or actual cost of a comparable replacement item, whichever is lower, + $20.00 processing fee.

You might be able to replace a lost item yourself rather than pay the processing fee, but you must first discuss it with a librarian (not with circulation staff).  The librarian may: 1) prefer to apply your payment to a newer edition or other comparable material; 2) approve your replacing the item as long as it is the same as what was lost and in good condition.   

Library staff says I need to look for a missing CD from the set that I returned on time.  Am I being charged overdue fines?

No, but if you cannot find the missing piece, you may be charged a replacement fee as described for Lost materials.  See a librarian.