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Writing is Sharing: Resources for new and seasoned authors

About this guide

This guide concerns scholarly and scientific publication. 

Tabbed Content

  • Scientific Writing:  guidance on the writing process, with emphasis on case reports and links to more comprehensive resources
  • Where to Publish menu:  a starting point for identifying relevant journals, categorized by where they are indexed
  • Chiropractic Conferences: how to browse abstracts of papers and posters from major chiropractic conferences to discover previously addressed topics and contributing authors
  • Predatory Publishers:  how to recognize a predatory journal where profit not scholarly progress is the publisher's primary aim

Forthcoming ... We are soliciting input from experienced Life West producers

  • tips for producing scientific posters 
  • tips for presenting a paper

Librarians can direct authors to more resources

  • Preventing plagiarism
  • Copyright registration and copyright compliance
  • Books and guides for designing research
  • Books and guides for producing case reports and scientific posters
  • Standard citation formats
  • Citation management software  
  • Advice on backups for citation management software, and file management of associated print and electronic documents
Journal cover: Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
Journal Cover: Explore
Journal cover: Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics
Journal cover: Journal of Chiropractic Education
Journal cover: Journal of Chiropractic Humanities

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