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Writing for Publication: Scientific Posters

Writing is Sharing: Resources for new and seasoned authors

Resources for Creating Scientific Posters

Format for Conference Posters 

If your poster is selected for a conference, carefully follow guidelines for size and other specifications.  The Research Department recommends paper posters, and has plenty of mailer tubes available to protect them for travel.  You can also borrow plastic tubes with straps from the library.   



Allow enough lead time for production and shipping before you leave for the conference.  Poster presenters have had good results from this company. 

The Research Department can refer new presenters to other faculty who have experienced in designing posters.  There are many approaches to layout: 

  • filling in templates such as offered at
  • using a single PowerPoint slide as a blank slate
  • other plentiful options demonstrated on YouTube, including simple and more advanced methods such as:
Advice for Presenting at Poster Sessions
  • Use your poster only as a visual aid.  Do not read its text aloud.  
  • Speak to engage.  Make connections with potential colleagues.  Have a conversation.  Invite questions.
  • Provide easy ways to keep in touch
    • Carry business cards and pen, but have your hands free.  
    • Poster might include your email address, or a QR code that links to a PDF of your poster, a related paper, your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.  Or you could add a label to your business card with such information.

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