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EndNote Guide: Create a Reference List


Create a reference list by either method:

  • Copy Formatted  (quick & easy)
  • Cite While You Write (tm)  
    More information coming soon. 

Copy Formatted Method

Why use it?

A quick method for generating a reference list without using the 'cite while you write' feature is the Copy Formatted method.  This feature can generate a "stand-alone" document, independent from EndNote.

This tool is useful for generating a list of "Recommended Readings" to paste into a Word document, a PowerPoint slide, or email. You can also use this tool to create an annotated bibliography. 


To generate this bibliography, use the column heading to sort citations by Author or Year, and follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the desired output style from the Styles drop-down menu, e.g., APA 6th.
  2. Next, select the citations you would like to include in your bibliography and right-click to select Copy Formatted. At this point, it appears that nothing happened. 
  3. In this last step, open a Word document (or email or PowerPoint, etc.) and Paste the bibliography onto the page. Edit and format as you would a normal Word document.


  • If you have a large number of items to select, it is recommended that you move the selected documents into a Group (e.g., Bibliography for Assignment A). At this point, you can sort citations by Author (use for APA 6th) or Year, select the desired output style, and use Cmd-A or Ctrl-A to select all citations. 
    • Next, right-click to select Copy Formatted
    • Open the Word document (or email or PowerPoint, etc.) and Paste the bibliography onto the page. 
  • Creating an Annotated bibliography: You may need to create/modify the desired output style to include the Research Notes field, see Output Styles: Modifying an Output Style.

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