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EndNote Guide: Find Full Text

Add Full-text to Your References

Ideally, EndNote's Find Full Text feature would automatically find subscribed articles and attach PDFs to the references in  your EndNote Library. Find Full Text requires an OpenURL resolver to search for available full text of articles.  Unfortunately, iEndNote is not compatible with the resolver used at Life West library.


Therefore, you will have download the PDF files to your computer or USB drive. Once the PDF files are on your device you can add them to your EndNote library by doing the following. 

  1. Highlight the reference you want to attach the pdf file to. 
  2. Right click to display File Attachments
  3. Select Attach File
  4. Locate where the downloaded PDF file is on your computer (e.g. Downloads)
  5. Select the file and click Open the file
  6. The PDF file is now attached to your reference


Find Full Text can still save you time since it can find free articles on the web.

  1. Highlight a selection of references from your library, using Ctrl (Cmd) key..
  2. Click on the Find Full Text icon, or click the References tab to select Find Full Text. EndNote will locate and attach files that are available for free on the web.
    • Finding full-text feature can be a slow process. To prevent your system from freezing, try searching for full-text on small batches of articles at a time.
  3. Under Find Full Text in the Groups panel (left side), you will see EndNote searching to locate the full-text and either attach the PDF, import the URL or indicate which ones were not found.



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