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Tutorials for PubMed, MeSH and MyNCBI: PubMed

Basic and advanced tutorials

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PubMed is among the suite of  databases and tools serving all levels of biomedical research at the National Library of Medicine. 

MeSH is short for Medical Subject Headings, the thesaurus of headings and subheadings used in indexing journal articles in PubMed. 

MyNCBI is a tool for customizing your PubMed display, saving and sharing collections, and setting up alerts..

National Library of Medicine (U.S.) is a branch of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).  


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PubMed Basics

Learn Online
Librarians offer quick lessons

PubMed offers many online training resources but few are highly recommended and fully applicable to our needs at Life West.

Until we discover or create suitable  tutorials, please see your librarian for a quick lesson on:

  • Orientation to levels of information at Pubmed site: Home, Search, Citation display
  • Components of PubMed search screen  
  • When to use Advanced Search
  • Citaton display options
  • More, based on your immediate needs


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