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Multimedia Resources: Models

Models on Reserve

Borrow reserved models for overnight, or over the weekend and holiday breaks.

Make your reservation at the circulation desk up to one week in advance.

  • Brain
  • Disarticulated half skeleton  
  • Skull
  • Oversize atlas and axis with occiput *
  • Cervical spine
  • Spine (typically occiput, vertebrae, sacrum and pelvis)
  • Disarticulated  spine
  • Lumbar spine
  • Lumbar degeneration *
  • Pelvis (not the ones with ligaments, sorry!)
  • Arm
  • Hand
  • Leg
  • Foot
  • Lifting manikin*

*  These models are used mostly for patient education.

woodcut figure of skeleton from Latin text


Purchasing a Spine Model

Students ask which spine model to purchase, and so we share our opinion

If you are happy with a spine model that you purchased, please share your experience in the Let Us Know box.  

Are these spines ideal?   Life West Library has purchased most of its skeletal models from American 3B.  Denoyer Geppert also sells models reputed to be more durable and somewhat more expensive.

  • A58 is mounted on copper rod and vinyl tubing. 
    This is a decent and reasonably priced model, but with heavy use, we find that the vinyl tubing detaches at the top.  
  • A59 is mounted on copper rod and segmented chrome tubing
    This is identified in the company catalog as Highly Flexible spine.
  • A52 is Child spine (5 year old) in BONElike ™  material
    This is a developmentally accurate model, where "mini human spines" are not.
    Adult spines are available in BONElike ™  material, but they are too fragile for library use.

Where to purchase

As always, shop around for the best quality for the price.  
Think about its purpose:  Will yours be a spine to practice palpation and adjusting, or one to use for outreach and patient education?
Also consider appearance. Some of the least expensive spine models lack detail.  The plastic in some brands has  a shinier surface and a slick feel.

Bookstore at Life West 
Inquire or stop by.  New sources are always under consideration.



Model C17 from
(c) American 3B Scientific



Quick Link to Library Catalog

Most models are on display in glass cases, but not all. 

Ask circulation staff, or search the online catalog.  


1.Keyword (keep it simple)
   spin*  searches for spine  or spinal

2. Limit search to desired format(s)
     Example shows Limit to Model 

Sample catalog search Any Word = spin* and Limit = Model

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