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Interlibrary Loan & Copy Requests: Borrowing Libraries

Delivery Methods

Life West Library accepts requests from Chiropractic, Medical, Research and other type libraries. 


Life West is a member of Docline Freeshare.

Invoicing is very time-intensive.  When payment is necessary, we prefer to use EFTS for Docline, and IFM for OCLC.


ILL Systems

Docline:  CAULCW 

Preferred method for COPIES:

  1. Docline:  freeshare and reciprocal agreements are automatically handled at least expense
  2. OCLC:    see Policies directory for fees by type of library
  3. Direct inquiry by email, if your library does not participate in the above

Preferred method for RETURNABLES:

  1. OCLC:  accurate bibliographic information; tracking of shipping and return dates
  2. Docline: accepted but not preferred


Delivery Methods

We deliver copies by via email attachment; by OCLC Article Exchange when licensing requires secure transmission; and by mail when the  license explicitly prohibits file sharing.

We ship with tracking, and expect you to return items using a service that offers tracking

ILL Contact - Borrowing Libraries Only

To contact our Library Assistant directly:



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The staff acknowledges your request within 24 hours.

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