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Gift Policy: Home

Accepting donations and gifts

Thank you for supporting Life Chiropractic College West.

The library welcomes gifts of materials or money that enhance the college’s curriculum and aid in providing chiropractic and health information to students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Please contact a librarian to evaluate the usefulness of materials to our collections. We use the same standards and criteria in evaluating gifts as in purchasing materials.

We particularly welcome: 

  • Classic chiropractic books, peer-reviewed chiropractic journals, rare audio and video recordings featuring chiropractic pioneers, and technique manuals
  • Anatomical models  
  • Current chiropractic books and audiovisual media
  • Current health or medical books that complement the curriculum.

Estimating the value of a donation is the donor’s responsibility, though we can note the number and types of materials in our thank-you letters.  The Office of Institutional Advancement receives copies of these letters.

The library regrets that it cannot pick up donations.

Do you rare items of historical significance?

The Library maintains special collections of books and recordings.  Rotating displays of historical material enhance our environment by honoring the lives of chiropractic pioneers and telling the story of practice in early years.  If you wish to donate rare equipment, photographs and memorabilia please contact a librarian or the curator at Life West's Chiropractic Museum.

What happens to materiials the library cannot use?

The material not accepted for the library collection is offered to our students.  It is an opportunity for the students to obtain materials that they normally could not afford.


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