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Pickup and Return Service: About the Library

Pick-up and Return

Effective Monday, July 20, 2020, the Life West Library is offering students and faculty pickup and returns of specific library materials. 

I am happy to offer this service. Do remember it is different than our usual routine due to health and safety concerns. 

The library is only open the following days and hours for pickup and returns.

Monday and Wednesday

Times:  9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. , 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 


Times: 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 am and 11:30 - 1:00 p.m.

Returned items require 72 hours of quarantine. Any item returned is not available for checkout until the following week.
Only items with an off-campus loan are available for checkout.
Items designated as campus use or library use only are not available for the pickup service. Therefore, please bring your own devices, chargers, and cables with you while on campus. 

I appreciate your patience as we return to this new campus way of life. 

Barbara Delli Gatti
Library Director

Pick-up and Return Instructions


1. Arrive at the library on the day of your scheduled pick-up during one of the periods.

2. Please wear your mask when you approach the desk.

3. Present your student id with your library barcode.

4. Staff will wear gloves when handing items to you.

5. Overnight items are due the next day; the pick-up service is open.


1. Return items are only accepted during our open hours, e.g. An item checked out Monday is due Wednesday during any limited open times.

2. Please wear your mask when you approach the desk.

3. Items are checked in and are quarantined for 72 hours.

4. Quarantine items are placed on shelving carts for quarantine. Advanced booking is not allowed on quarantine items.

5. Items returned are not available for booking until a week of their return date. 

Advanced Booking Instructions

This Advanced Booking System is an online version of the manual Orange Reserve card system that worked for over the past 25 years.  Please be patient as we move away from Orange Reserve Cards.  

1. Click on the link to the Library catalog

2. Use your library barcode to log in to your account. 1st quarter students use your student id number with two leading zeros, e.g., 0045981.

3. Search by author, title, or general keyword.  Refine your search by limiting it by collection e.g., Reserve or by format e.g., Model.

4. Click on the title you want to display the Copy/Holding Information.

5. Remember - only items that circulate overnight, one week or two-weeks can be checked out. An error message displays if the booking is not allowed. 

5. On the right-hand side, click on the phrase Request Copy.   

6. Booking Summary Window appears.  Click on the green down arrow to book an item for a specific day.    

7. Limits are in place:  Two bookings in one session for a limit of two overnight items.

8. Please email me for assistance Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. if you need any help.

Models - Overnight Checkout

The Library has an extensive model collection however many are only available for Library or Campus Use. The list is of models available for Overnight checkout in order for you to easily find what you are looking for. 

Click on the hyperlink and book the item for pick-up.


Call No. Title
WE 750 M333 MODEL 3 stage lumbar spinal degeneration
WE 805 M219 MODEL Arm bones
WE 725 M335 MODEL Cervical vertebrae
WE 200 M3 MODEL Disarticulated half skeleton 
WE 725 M225 MODEL Disarticulated spine
WE 820 M82  MODEL Elbow
WE 880 M228 MODEL Foot bones
WE 830 M227 MODEL Hand bones
WE 855 M71 MODEL Hip joint with ligaments
WL 300 M202 MODEL Human brain
WE 850 M220 MODEL Leg skeleton
WE 750 M149 MODEL Lifting manikin
WE 750 M136 MODEL Lumbar degeneration model Demere-1
WE 750 M84 MODEL Lumbar vertebrae and sacrum
WL 101 M79 MODEL Nervous system
WE 708 M211 MODEL Oversize atlas and axis with occiput
WE 750 M334 MODEL Pelvis
WE 705 M163 MODEL Skull (Unlabeled)
WE 705 M221 MODEL Skull (labeled)
WE 705 M140 MODEL Skull (painted muscle origins and insertions)
WE 300 M218 MODEL Spinal anatomy study models (spine on a stick)
WE 725 M226 MODEL Spine
WE 708 M336 MODEL Upper cervical spine [model]


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