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Library Services: Digital Assets for Teaching

Welcome everyone -- Let's collaborate! Your inquiries guide us in developing the most relevant materials and services.

Materials at Life West

Licensed Materials 

Please promote on Canvas and in other course materials.
Submit suggestions for new materials to librarians directly or via the Let Us Know box.

Teaching Materials from Publishers

Desk Copy

Publishers typically provide desk copies through their representatives who expect a reasonable number of textbook sales to students.  Some publishers provide additional online materials for teachers only.  Requirements vary.

Textbooks with Online Supplements

Read the license associated with your access to online assets and features.

Customized Books

Jones & Bartlett has a program allowing instructors to compile and organize chapters from Jones & Bartlett assets integrated with the instructor's own own material.  

How to Link to Online Resources

Best Practices

Please seek librarians' assistance for optimizing links included in course materials.  This "extra step" ensures  students' access both On Campus and Off Campus.  Best practices also ensure your own compliance with copyright.

  • Journal articles in library's collection  
    Always provide link to free and subscribed journal articles.  Attaching the PDF is optional.  Some students may prefer a different electronic format than PDF.  Many publishers offer a variety of electronic formats:  HTML, ePub and PDF.
  • Journal articles not available in library's collection
    Librarians will investigate the cost of copyright royalty fees for providing a PDF of an unsubscribed article needed for required or recommended reading in your course..  Most likely, the article will instead be placed on print reserve due to the lower cost.  
    Please include the citation of required or recommended readings on the syllabus or other course materials, and clearly state where students can get the full text.  
  • Ebooks and Streaming video from commercial sources
    Librarians can provide a link to the library online catalog for specific ebooks and streaming videos.   Students will see a full description of the resource, and have a choice of On Campus or Off Campus link to the online content. 
  • Streaming video from Library Commons on Canvas
    Link to the page in Canvas for the video collection of the appropriate department.  Students will login at Canvas and see further instructions as well as a list of all available titles for the department.  Do not link directly to the video because the required password will not be evident there.  FYI:  Materials in Library Commons on Canvas are also represented in the library online catalog.


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Talk to Library Staff

General questions:  
Circulation desk staff will refer your call.
(510) 780-4507

Help with research:
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More contacts:

Talk to Library Staff

Staff acknowledges your request within 24 hours.
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More contacts:

Talk to Library Staff

Reference service is available weekdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, when class is in session.

Librarians travel around the library, and may not stay seated at the reference desk.

If you need assistance, with research or library assignments, please ask staff at the circulation desk to locate the librarian.  

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