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Library Services: About the Library

Welcome everyone -- Let's collaborate! Your inquiries guide us in developing the most relevant materials and services.


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Policies for Food, Phones, Computers, Room Reservations

Our Vision

Life West Library provides an environment where access to services and information support excellence in chiropractic education. 

​The library supports lifelong learning for students, researchers, the profession and our community. 

Library services strengthen the college and the profession.  

The library staff develops its resources to meet these objectives:

  • build students’ awareness of and ability to find, evaluate and use information effectively
  • provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for research and study
  • collaborate with college departments to provide access to effective learning resources
  • preserve collections that ensure the chiropractic legacy


Contributing Your Ideas

Improvements to library services, collections, or policies are initiated in several ways:

  • Online suggestion form or Print form available at the circulation desk
  • Email or meeting with the library director
  • Discussion of issues at student council meetings
  • Communication with Vice President of Academic Affairs, who oversees academic departments including the library

Policies on Food, Phones, Computers, Room Reservations

Policies on use of the facility align with those of the entire campus, as expressed in the Catalog & Student Handbook.  In addition:

  • Bring drinks in sturdy sealed containers.  
  • Bring snacks to eat, not plates of hot food or anything that gives off strong odors
  • Be respectful of others and clean up any wrappers or messes.
  • Report any spills to the Library staff as soon as it occurs so that maintenance can get to it as quickly as possible
  • Do not bring food or open drinks into the computer lab

  • Turn cell phones off or set to vibrate. Say hello, and then leave the library to talk.

  • When using a computer for non-academic purposes, kindly yield the seat to classmates who need to finish their work
  • The computer lab is for currently enrolled students, except during training or testing events
  • The computers near the reference desk are available to walk-in visitors
  • Health Center patients should ask their intern for assistance with health-related information

Study Rooms
  • Study Rooms N-T are for students to use.  Demand for group study is high, especially during midterms and finals.  Faculty and staff who are meeting with a group of students are welcome. 
  • Study Room N is dedicated to quiet individual study.
  • Study Rooms O-R comfortably seats 6 people and have a whiteboard.  Markers are available at the circulation desk.
  • Study Room S seats 6 people and may be reserved per policy below. 
  • Study Room T  comfortably seats 12 people, has 2 whiteboards, a projection screen, a wall mounted monitor with HDMI cable.  Accessories such as adapters and cables, remote controls, laptop, DVD player and projector.are available at the circulation desk.
  • Imaging Lab I is available for study except for the rare occasions when a lab class uses the X-ray view boxes.  Reservations are posted on the sign near the door.   Faculty are welcome to contact a librarian for a reservation.  Email is preferred.
  • Testing Center H is managed by the campus office in charge of special testing.  Each of the 10 cubicles has a glass door and task lighting.  The testing schedule is posted near the door.  However, testing does take precedence and anyone studying will be asked to leave whenever testing takes place.

Room Reservation Policy

Study Rooms S and T can be reserved for student-centered activities.  Faculty and staff can reserve a room if students will participate in the session.  This policy respects students' need for dedicated group study areas and meeting rooms.    

  • Student-centered activities only
  • Minimum of 4 persons at any time
    Individuals and groups smaller than 4 persons may be asked to move, but only if a larger group needs the room.
  • ​Maximum reservation time:  2 hours
  • No shows:  Room is released after 10 minutes to others
  • Sign up in advance at the circulation desk for one time use, or regular meeting throughout the current quarter

Featured Database - ICL

It's more than an index! 
Check out the Open Access Library and More Resources and Tweets at the Index to Chiropractic Literature.  

Our Memberships

Life West Library participates in professional associations, networks and consortia that enhance oppoortunities to build our expertise and collaboration with libraries.

  • BayNet
  • Chiropractic Library Collaboration
  • Consortium of Evidence-Informed Practice Educators 
  • Medical Library Association
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine
  • Northern California Nevada Medical Library Group
  • Online Audiovisual Catalogers
  • Online Computer Library Center
  • Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (affiliate)

Library Hours

Regular hours when class is in session.

Monday - Thursday  7 am - 8 pm
Friday  7 am - 6 pm
Saturday  12 pm - 5 pm
Sunday (preceding finals) 12 pm - 5 pm

See daily calendar for exceptions and break schedule.

Library Hours

Hours are limited but please note:

Library staff welcomes appointments for using the library at other times!  

Please  make arrangements to ensure that staff and services are available.

For hours during break, please see:

Library Hours

For daily hours please see:

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Talk to Library Staff

General questions:  
Circulation desk staff will refer your call.
(510) 780-4507

Help with research:
(510) 780-4599
ext. 2730     Reference desk 

More contacts:

Talk to Library Staff

Staff acknowledges your request within 24 hours.
- reference requests
- interlibrary loan requests
- general questions or comments

More contacts:

Talk to Library Staff

Reference service is available weekdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, when class is in session.

Librarians travel around the library, and may not stay seated at the reference desk.

If you need assistance, with research or library assignments, please ask staff at the circulation desk to locate the librarian.  

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